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Healthcare Choice The Answer

Posted on 24 Oct 2007

It is encouraging to learn from the Health Funds Association of New Zealand that 1.38 million Kiwis now save the public health system around $400 million a year by having health insurance - more Kiwis clearly realise that our over-stretched public health system cannot cater for all health needs, ACT New Zealand Health Spokesman Heather Roy said today.

PHO Scheme To Blame For After-Hours Crisis

Posted on 12 Oct 2007

The crisis with 'after hours' care on the Kapiti Coast is due, not just to a doctor shortage but also, to a complete lack of foresight by those designing the PHO scheme, ACT New Zealand Health Spokesman Heather Roy said today.

Health Dollars Blown On Bureaucracy

Posted on 05 Oct 2007

ACT New Zealand Health Spokesman Heather Roy today questioned what value there was in being a member of District Health Boards New Zealand, given that this membership is costing DHBs around the country tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Heather Roy's Diary

Posted on 05 Oct 2007

This week saw the delivery of information, which I had requested under the Official Information Act, revealing just how much it has cost the nation's District Health Boards to belong to District Health Boards New Zealand.

What Point In DHB Elections?

Posted on 04 Sep 2007

ACT New Zealand Health Spokesman Heather Roy today labelled District Health Board elections a complete waste of time and money, and demanded to know what point there was in going through the rigmarole of electing officials who have absolutely no power.

DHBs: Central Control, Not Regional Responsibility

Posted on 27 Aug 2007

Heather Roy

ACT New Zealand Health Spokesman Heather Roy today called on Health Minister Pete Hodgson to come clean and admit that it is his Government - not District Health Boards - that controls public health in New Zealand.

ACC Ads don't have Kiwis "Covered"

Posted on 11 Apr 2007
ACC's $5 million "pat on the back" has come back to bite it with a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority being upheld and ACC required to pull its "Covered" television advertisements in their present form says ACT Deputy Leader Heather Roy.

Ribena - When Good Markets Go Rotten

Posted on 29 Mar 2007
The $227,500 fine handed down to 'Ribena' makers GlaxoSmithKline yesterday should have PHARMAC examining their medicinal offerings, but also shows the success of New Zealand's current advertising rules, says ACT Health Spokesman Heather Roy.

Hodgson Refused To Involve Himself In 'Inside Job'

Posted on 23 Mar 2007
Following questions in Parliament today, it is now clear that the Minister of Health, Pete Hodgson, was aware from the 16th of July 2006 that there was a conflict of interest over Dr Tony Bierre's involvement in the tendering of laboratory services for the Auckland region, according to ACT MP Heather Roy.

Lack Of Transparency Exposed By Medlab Decision

Posted on 21 Mar 2007
All contracts for health services must be transparent and properly consulted on, and today's judicial review decision which set aside the contract for laboratory testing services in Auckland, citing a lack of transparency and insufficient consultation, should act as a warning to other District Health Boards and the Ministry of Health, says ACT Health Spokesman Heather Roy.
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