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Nats And Labour Equally Indefensible On Defence

Posted on 28 Sep 2007

ACT New Zealand National Security Spokesman Heather Roy today accused the National Party of lacking both political courage and an understanding of New Zealand's real security needs - as seen in the 'NBR Online' article in which the National Party said it would adopt the essence of the Labour Party's approach to defence.

Heather Roy's Diary

Posted on 14 Sep 2007

National Security issues were highlighted yesterday when SIS director Warren Tucker announced that Algerian asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui is no longer a security risk to New Zealand.  After almost five years, and a legal bill to Kiwi taxpayers of $2.3 million, it's hard to see what prompted the move - some think it a clever move by the SIS to rid themselves of an embarrassing problem; others believe we will now be seen as a soft touch for illegal immigrants.

Skyhawk Sale Turns On A Split Pin

Posted on 13 Sep 2007

ACT New Zealand National Security Spokesman Heather Roy today demanded that the Government repay the more than $12 million the RNZAF has had to spend on housing and maintaining the still-unsold Skyhawk air combat wing.

Voluntary National Service A Logical Choice

Posted on 04 Sep 2007

Invited to take part in a panel discussion for the Australian Defence College Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies visit to the Australian High Commission today, ACT New Zealand National Security Spokesman Heather Roy reiterated her enthusiasm for the creation of a Voluntary National Service scheme in New Zealand.

Heather's Diary

Posted on 11 May 2007

Playing Privacy Poker with Other People’s Chips

Statement to Parliament on Israel and Lebanon

Posted on 26 Jul 2006
Thank you, Madam Speaker. The ACT party rises to join with the Prime Minister in deploring the loss of life in the Middle East, and especially the four UN peacekeepers. But we do not endorse the Prime Minister's statement.

Hide Expresses Condolences For Terror Victims

Posted on 13 Jul 2006
ACT Leader Rodney Hide today expressed his condolences for the victims of terrorist attacks in India's commercial capital, Mumbai.

Private Roy's Diary

Posted on 17 Jun 2006
After six weeks of basic training for the territorials at Waiouru Military Camp I 'marched out' at Queen's Birthday weekend. The training was hard - challenging both physically and psychologically - but it was also exciting and enjoyable.  I graduated from recruit to soldier alongside my 41 army colleagues with a real sense of achievement and, as my military friends had advised me, wore my uniform with great pride.

Private Roy on TV One's "Sunday"

Posted on 09 Jun 2006
Heather completed her basic training for the Territorial Force last weekend, and has returned as Parliament's new authority on National Security.

Heather Roy "Marches Out" From Territorials

Posted on 04 Jun 2006
ACT MP Heather Roy "marched out" as a Territorial Force soldier today, following six weeks of training at Waiouru military camp.
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