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Bye Bye Brains Trust

Posted on 24 May 2000
One hundred and ninety five people have left New Zealand every day since the coalition government was elected, ACT leader Richard Prebble said today. The numbers migrating are accelerating – 217 New Zealanders on average left every day in April 2000.

ACT Agrees with Anderton

Posted on 02 May 2000
“It is the wasted skill scandals and placement problems of current immigrants that the Government must address before embarking on well meaning, yet impotent policy reviews,” said ACT immigration spokesman Penny Webster.

More Unilateral Decisions By Clark

Posted on 26 Apr 2000
“The unilateral announcement by the Prime Minister that the future defence spending priority is the Army is reckless,” ACT leader Richard Prebble said today.

Secret Group Wrote Employment Bill

Posted on 23 Apr 2000
A  secret  meeting  was  held  by  the  Labour  Party in December last year, to
dramatically change their election manifesto employment policy, said ACT leader
Richard Prebble.
Documents  released  under  the  Official  Information  Act  show that a covert
meeting  was  held on the 22 December with ‘Labour Party Interest Groups’ . The
goal  of  the meeting was to ‘ signal a different approach/fundamental shift to
employment relationships.
“This secret meeting subverted the democratic process,” said Richard Prebble
“The  attendants  of  this  clandestine  liaison  agreed  to  ‘the promotion of
unionism’,  ‘ de-legalisation of employment relations to assist the unions’ and
to limit ‘the role of the Court of Appeal’.
“They  also  agreed  to,  ‘the  abolition  of  the  Employment  Tribunal’,  yet
throughout  Labour’s election campaign, they strongly denied they would abolish
the Tribunal.
“The papers obtained make it clear that very controversial aspects of the bill,
such  as  making  independent  contractors employees ,free access for unions to
workplaces  (even  if  there are no union members) and the extraordinary clause
allowing  reinstatement  under  any  circumstances, were all determined at this
secret meeting.
“Even  the  provision   that allows personal grievances to go to mediation came
from this powerful covert group.
“It is also clear that on the 23 December these instructions were sent straight
to  the  Labour  Department.  It  follows  that  this  group,  and not Cabinet,
determined the shape of the Employment Bill.
“ACT  has many questions it would like answered about this political subterfuge
Who are the secret groups?
Was the Alliance aware of this meeting?
Why are the names secret?
Did they or their organisations contribute to Labour’s election campaign?
“ACT  also  wants  to  know who is the secret law drafter whose advice is being
relied on to write the employment law? The lives of the New Zealand public will
be  greatly  influenced  by  this  persons decisions, yet the person chooses to
conceal their identity.
“ACT  believes  the  meeting  is  contrary  to  open,  democratic,  accountable
government and  will be pursuing this corruption of government practice through
parliamentary questions,” said ACT Leader Richard Prebble.

40,000 Kilometres For What?

Posted on 17 Apr 2000
“Why  is  Helen  Clark  travelling first class to the UK, Turkey, and Singapore when  the  rest of her entourage is travelling in an Air Force jet?” ACT leader Richard Prebble asked today.

Defence policy needs total rethink in changing world

Posted on 24 Aug 1999
In the overall scheme of things the $40,000 spent by the NZ Defence Force in sending sixty people to a glitzy seminar in Auckland is small beer in the total defence budget of $1.5 billion.

Immigration that works

Posted on 25 Jun 1999
New Zealand is wasting its potential by failing to attract more migrants.  Perhaps worse still, many talented migrants who have made the momentous commitment to a new start here are being ignored.  Families are being abandoned as husbands return overseas to further their careers.
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