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New Student Tax Meets With Strong Opposition

Posted on 09 May 2002

Submissions to the Education and Science Select Committee today revealed that educators believe the new tax on international students being

Turning New Zealand Around

Posted on 08 May 2002
Speech to Auckland University students, Wednesday, May 8, 2002

ACT Campus Tour

Posted on 08 Mar 2002
ACT MPs will be crossing the country on a tour of university campuses, in the leadup to the new university year. The tour will involve all ACT members of Parliament and takes place from February 26 to March 14.

Student Debt Worse, Not Better

Posted on 04 Mar 2002
Auckland students’ total debt is set to double under the Labour/Alliance government, said ACT leader Richard Richard Prebble who is visiting Auckland University today.

ACT MPs' Campus Tour

Posted on 26 Feb 2002
ACT’s nine MPs will be touring university campuses during the next two weeks.

Race-Based Education Funding is Deplorable

Posted on 21 Feb 2002
ACT Tertiary Education Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today slammed the Government for promoting race-based funding to tertiary institutions.

Lower Taxes Will Ease Student Debt Burden

Posted on 28 Jan 2002
Few university students will support Jim Anderton’s proposal that, in return for three years free tertiary education, they should give the government half their income for life, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.