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Record Student Debt Under Labour

Posted on 19 Feb 2003
ACT New Zealand Social Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today accused the Labour Government of entrenching New Zealand’s young people in a cycle of debt.

Did the Minister Know About Threats over Auckland University Land?

Posted on 20 Jan 2003
Conservation Minister Chris Carter is – at the very least – allowing a ministerial employee to intimidate Auckland University over its plans to sell land at Waikawau Bay, ACT New Zealand Tertiary Education Spokesman Deborah Coddington revealed today.

Liberty Belle

Posted on 08 Nov 2002
Lobbyists are an occupational hazard for MPs – though sometimes they do provide a useful diversion. Thus it was pleasant to meet this week with Andrew and Charlie from the NZ University Students’ Association. They came to talk about the Tertiary Education Reform Bill about which I won’t bore you, suffice to say it’s all about command and control. Yes, more of it.

Maharey Doesn't Understand His Own Jargon

Posted on 01 Oct 2002

The Minister of Tertiary Education clearly doesn’t have a clue about links between tertiary education providers and industry, ACT New Zealand&#

Summary: Tertiary Education

Posted on 14 Jun 2002
Highly skilled young people have much to offer New Zealand, but require greater freedom to achieve their potential and better incentives to remain in New Zealand after graduation.