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Sorry Melissa, But I'll Be There

Posted on 19 May 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen today confirmed that he has been invited to the Eden-Albert Community Board meeting on Auckland Governance – and is not surprised to learn that National Party candidate Melissa Lee has not.

"There can be only one of two possibilities as to why Ms Lee did not receive the invitation," Mr Boscawen said.

"Either the National Party hierarchy and her campaign team consider her to be such an embarrassment and liability that they did not pass the invitation on, or the Mt Albert community does not rate her as a viable candidate for the seat.

"I am pleased to have been invited and this further confirms that this election is a two horse race between myself and my Labour opponent," Mr Boscawen said.


Lee's Actions Confirm It's A Two Horse Race

Posted on 15 May 2009

National Party Mt Albert candidate's actions, and Prime Minister John Key's subsequent comments, simply reinforce the fact that this by-election is a two-horse race between Labour's David Shearer and myself, ACT New Zealand MP and Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen said today.

"Clearly, National's decision to run Ms Lee in the by-election instead of Ravi Musuku - who ran in Mt Albert for National in the past two General Elections - was a big mistake," Mr Boscawen said.

"Mr Musuku was a hard-working and very successful candidate, coming within 2,000 votes of winning the Party vote in Mt Albert against former MP and Prime Minister Helen Clark.

"Pushing him aside in favour of Ms Lee - who, given the events of the past week, clearly has no hope of winning this by-election - has left Mt Albert with only one credible Centre-Right candidate to choose from: me.

"I have been saying that this is a two horse race for sometime and Ms Lee's actions only further confirm that this is the case.

"Mt Albert residents who had previously considered giving their vote to Ms Lee need not be concerned. By giving their vote to me - rather than wasting it on her - they can still ensure that their concerns and issues will be represented in Parliament," Mr Boscawen said.


ACT Finds Alternative While Other Parties Dodge

Posted on 12 May 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen today welcomed the National Government’s confirmation that it will not be spending around $3 billion to build a 4.5km tunnel under Mt Albert.

"New Zealand cannot afford such an extravagance. The fact that this option was even considered is a testament to both Labour and National Governments’ woeful record of bad decision-making and unproductive Government expenditure," Mr Boscawen said.

"Although ACT has always opposed the tunnel option, I am aware that the impact of a surface route on the people of Mt Albert must be minimised.

"As such, I propose an alternative surface route that will result in the removal of fewer than 50 houses. This route would follow the existing rail designation corridor to the south of Hendon Ave, rather than to the north where many homes would be lost. It would also travel east of Oakley Stream - again, resulting in the loss of fewer homes.

"I am very concerned to read that the Government is considering acquiring a further 250 houses in addition to the 150 it already owns. I believe my alternative route will have less impact on the community and I urge Transport Minister Stephen Joyce to seriously consider it.

"Helen Clark was MP for Mt Albert for 28 years, and Prime Minister for nine; if anyone could have ensured the tunnel was built under Mt Albert it was her - yet she failed to do so. David Shearer and Labour continue to play a cruel hoax on Mt Albert residents by suggesting it would build a tunnel rather then the far more affordable surface option.

"It is time for Labour to come clean with the people of Mt Albert and tell the truth. New Zealand cannot afford a tunnel and we will have to find an alternative," Mr Boscawen said

Mt Albert A Two Horse Race

Posted on 11 May 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen MP today welcomed National candidate Melissa Lee's - albeit unintentional – announcement that her Party will build a road in Mt Albert as opposed to the obviously unaffordable tunnel option.

"At last Ms Lee has come clean - even though she had to be backed into a corner to admit it," Mr Boscawen said.

"ACT has always favoured a surface route and has been upfront with Mt Albert residents from the start. A $2.77 billion tunnel is a luxury we cannot afford. As such it is pleasing that Ms Lee supports ACT's view that we need to focus on reducing Government spending - rather than encouraging massive borrowing that will put our children's future's in jeopardy.

"ACT has investigated an alternative surface route that utilises the existing rail corridor to the south of Hendon Avenue and continues north-east of Oakley Stream. This involves the removal of fewer than 50 houses - far fewer than David Shearer's tunnel option, which will result in the removal of over 100 houses.

"I now urge Green Party candidate Dr Russel Norman to lend his support to this option, and drop his totally unrealistic idea and non-sensible notion that the motorway should stop in Mt Roskill and disgorge thousands of cars daily onto Mt Albert Streets.

"The stupidity and insincerity of what Mr Norman peddles was exposed in the candidates' interview on Auckland University radio 95bFM today, where he expressed concern about a few additional cars exiting the proposed 24-hour McDonalds restaurant in Balmoral.

"Mr Norman's hypocrisy knows no bounds - he is happy for thousands of cars daily to disgorge onto Mt Albert Streets, but raises this as an objection to the proposed McDonalds restaurant.

"The reality is that this is a two-horse race between myself and David Shearer - Mr Norman's comment today only serves to underline that fact," Mr Boscawen said.


ACT Announces Mt Albert Campaign Launch

Posted on 07 May 2009

ACT New Zealand today advised all media that the Party's Mt Albert By-Election campaign will be officially launched in Auckland this weekend.

At 10am this coming Saturday ACT Leader Rodney Hide and ACT Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen will be joined by special guest former ACT Leader Richard Prebble to kick-start the campaign before Party members and supporters hit the streets of Mt Albert.

Mt Albert By-Election Campaign Launch; Gladstone Primary School Hall, 8 Seaview Terrace, Mt Albert, Auckland; 10am, Saturday, May 9 2009.