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In Parents We Trust

Posted on 18 Jun 2009

ACT New Zealand MP John Boscawen today expressed disappointment at Prime Minister John Key’s announcement that, regardless of the result of the upcoming anti-smacking referendum, there would be no change to the law.

"It is unfair for Mr Key to make such a dismissive statement before the referendum has even been held. Referendums are an important part of many democratic countries' legal systems - frequently used to decide important questions of public policy and as such ACT supports the upcoming referendum," Mr Boscawen said.

"With all the recent media attention it would be a shame if the issue of how the question is worded overshadows the real issue that needs to be addressed.

"The anti-smacking law was promoted as the answer to New Zealand's shocking rates of child abuse and resultant deaths. This has not happened - and over the past two years since the controversial anti-smacking law came into effect a total of 13 children have been killed as a result of child abuse in New Zealand.

"Child abuse was already illegal before the anti-smacking law was passed. Abusers were already breaking the law, and they continue to do so - yet, as a result of the anti-smacking legislation, good parents who lightly smack their child for the purpose of correction are now technically criminals.

"While the police have discretion not to prosecute, the reality is that the parent is breaking the law. How can this Government expect the public to have respect for the laws it passes when it condones the police not enforcing them.
"Contrary to what some would like us to believe, the vast majority of New Zealand parents are decent and loving - and, as such, do not need the Government butting in and telling them how to raise their children.

"That is why I have introduced my Crimes (Reasonable Parental Control and Correction) Amendment Bill - which I hope will be drawn in the ballot tomorrow. Parents should be trusted to raise their children into the successful and upstanding citizens that we want them to be," Mr Boscawen said.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Melissa

Posted on 09 Jun 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert Candidate John Boscawen today challenged National's Melissa Lee to prove how serious she is about the issue of law and order by showing her support for ACT's 'Three Strikes' legislation.

"Ms Lee missed the PSA by-election debate last night - attended by all the other major candidates - as she felt it was more important to attend a local Neighbourhood Watch meeting," Mr Boscawen said.

"She claimed that she had to attend the Neighbourhood Watch meeting as she had championed the community constable - a fact that has now been disputed by Labour's Clayton Cosgrove.

"Obviously Ms Lee must feel passionately about law and order if she was willing to miss the debate and wants to be seen to be helping the community, regardless of whether her claims of championing the constable are actually true.

"Supporting ACT's 'Three Strikes' would have far more impact on crime and if Ms Lee wants to do anything to improve law and order in New Zealand - instead of making questionable claims about one community constable - she should make a difference on a national scale and come out in support of ACT's 'Three Strikes'," Mr Boscawen said.


Labour Cons Resident - How Many More?

Posted on 28 May 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen has lodged a complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer following news today that a Labour Party supporter told Chinese immigrant Jim Li that it is illegal not to vote in New Zealand.

"When phoned, Mr Li told Labour supporter that he did not wish to vote until June 13. He only agreed to vote early after he was told it was 'safer' to vote now as missing voting on polling day was against the law," Mr Boscawen said.

"I am deeply concerned that Mr Li was coerced into voting earlier than he intended, which could have affected his vote. Mt Albert has a large immigrant community and it would be easy for those not well versed in English to be misled into believing that it was compulsory.

"Upon speaking with the Electoral Commission they informed me that it would be launching an investigation and would let me know the outcome. It could not, however, tell me when the investigation would be completed.

"This is unacceptable. An investigation of this nature should be completed within 24 hours, to ensure that no other Mt Albert residents are coerced into voting early like Mr Li.

"Labour is clearly worried that ACT's campaign is taking its votes. Labour supporters are trying to get Mt Albert residents down to the polling station as quick as possible before they get a chance to meet me and understand ACT's campaign. Labour realises that once this happens, it has no real chance of winning," Mr Boscawen said.


Lee Drops Out - Boscawen Still In The Running

Posted on 22 May 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert candidate John Boscawen today reiterated his call for Mt Albert National supporters to give him their vote given Melissa Lee's announcement today that she does not expect to win the seat.

"Ms Lee has effectively conceded defeat and confirmed what I have been saying all along: that the Mt Albert by-election is between myself and Labour's David Shearer,"Mr Boscawen said.

"While it is disappointing that Ms Lee has dropped out of the race, I look forward to working with her in my capacity as the Mt Albert MP, as she is clearly a passionate advocate for the people of Auckland.

"As the only Centre-Right candidate left in the race, I will be campaigning hard in the coming weeks to raise the issues important to the people of this electorate,"Mr Boscawen said.


Boscawen - The Right Choice

Posted on 20 May 2009

ACT New Zealand Mt Albert Candidate John Boscawen today advised Mt Albert National Party supporters to give him their vote, following revelations that they are now considering voting tactically in order to keep Labour out of the seat.

"TV3 last night reported that Mt Albert National supporters are now looking for any way to ensure that Labour's David Shearer does not become their local MP," Mr Boscawen said.

"Mt Albert National supporters need to know that their views and concerns will be properly represented in Parliament. As the only centre right candidate in the race, I am the only person who can ensure this.

"While I understand that the last thing Mt Albert residents need is David Shearer as their MP, voting for the Green Party candidate is a dangerous tactic that will only strengthen Labour's hand in Parliament.

"Mt Albert voters know that high expenditure and a ‘borrow and hope' strategy - typical of Labour - will only make this recession worse. A vote for the Greens is a vote for Labour - a vote for me is a vote for commonsense and real representation," Mr Boscawen said.