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Keep The Lights On - Switch Off The RMA

Posted on 09 Mar 2006

Getting rid of government red tape and the Resource Management Act is the only way New Zealand can avoid power blackouts, says ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

"Laws, regulations and even Ministers cannot generate enough light or heat when our hydro lake levels fall.

"Simply warning householders that they should save power or spend another winter under the threat of blackouts is intolerable.  Labour knows we need investment in our energy infrastructure, but the Resource Management Act makes it riskier than playing roulette", Mr Hide said.

"Labour talks about developing renewable energy, but how can New Zealand move beyond its dependence on hydro power and fossil fuels when proposed wind generation at Makara is one of the worst examples of the RMA preventing development?"

"ACT believes that we should untie the red tape and leave the light on for those who want to invest in power generation", Mr Hide said.