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Minister shouldn't reject nuclear power outright

Posted on 04 Mar 2005

The new Energy Minister Trevor Mallard’s outright rejection of even considering the nuclear power option is confirmation of Labour’s foolish adherence to cold war mantras, ACT Energy spokesman Ken Shirley said today.

“Nuclear power generation may not be the way to go at this time but we should at least keep an open mind weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of this option compared with the mix of alternative fuels be they hydro, gas, oil, coal, solar or wind. 

“Some of the advantages of nuclear generation are:

·         Reliable 24/7 base load generation

·         Able to be located close to demand thus reducing transmission losses and costs

·         Zero CO2 emissions

“Obvious disadvantages include the regulatory framework, global compliance costs and the disposal of spent fuels.

“Much work is being done internationally developing new generation nuclear power plants and New Zealand should seriously consider this option for the longer term. I find the head and sand approach of the new Minister very disturbing” said Mr Shirley.



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