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Labour's pylon backdown cynical electioneering

Posted on 13 Apr 2005

Labour’s cynical attempt to appease angry voters over its unpopular pylon plan is all about electioneering, ACT Energy spokesman Ken Shirley said today.

The MP was responding to Energy Minister Trevor Mallard’s announcement that the Electricity Commission will investigate alternative methods of supplying Auckland’s future electricity needs.

“The state-owned monopoly has been studying national grid options for 10 years and all of a sudden the Government is telling it to go back to square one and start again.

“The Government’s duplicity has further changed by the fact that they’ve introduced to parliament special legislation specifically aimed at fast-tracking the pylon project through RMA procedures.  Can we now assume that this leglisation will be withdrawn?

“The pylon debate has been a huge embarrassment for Labour, which is desperate to sweep it under the carpet before it becomes an election issue.

"Helen Clark's sole focus is to win a historic third term – that is Labour's Holy Grail.  We've seen her already this week backdown and back peddle on John Tamihere, and now doing all she can to warm up Waikato farmers. 

“The bad news for the Prime Minister is that landowners against power lines will simply see this latest announcement for what it is: pure and cynical electioneering," Mr Shirley said.



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