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Disappointing Report Offers No Answers

Posted on 27 Oct 2004

Any New Zealand looking for assurances in future energy security or competitive electricity pricing will be bitterly disappointed by the release of the Governments report ‘Creating a Sustainable Energy System, ACT New Zealand Energy Spokesman Ken Shirley said today.

“The report reveals no clear energy policy other than an increasing reliance on renewables.  There are very few recommendations in the report and, worse of all, no analysis of alternatives,” Mr Shirley said.

“All current growth rates indicate an increasing demand of 200 megawatts per annum.  We know our gas reserves are severely depleted, and new hydro developments are extremely difficult under the Resource Management Act.

“Meanwhile, Labour actively discourages the use of coal, with its foolish adherence to the fundamentally flawed Kyoto Protocol, and the nuclear power option is never mentioned because of the Government’s continuing adherence to Cold War mantras.

“Internally competitive energy pricing is vital for the success of our export industries and, in turn, the prosperity of New Zealanders.  Regrettably, this much-heralded Government report fails to address the key energy issues confronting the country,” Mr Shirley said.


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