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Free Market Best for Energy Consumers, Generators and Environment

Posted on 12 Apr 2006

A new book by two Victoria University researchers, criticising Labour's regulation of the electricity market, is being welcomed by ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

"Once again, Labour's craving for a regulated market is being debunked", Mr Hide said.

"The book, to be launched tomorrow, concludes that pro-market reforms provided greater security of supply than Labour's regulated energy environment.

"Red tape and regulation, including the Resource Management Act, is preventing the construction of adequate energy infrastructure.

"Labour knows we need to invest in infrastructure - letting Kiwis spend another winter under the threat of blackouts is intolerable.

"What we need is more market and less government.

"Reducing red tape would let construction of new generation get underway - ending our reliance on hydro power and fossil fuels.

"ACT has promoted competitive supply and an unregulated electricity market since 1996.  We still believe that a free market in energy would be best for consumers, generators and the environment.

"As we head for another winter of power shortages, Labour has to decide - either turn the lights out on Kiwis or relax the red tape", Mr Hide said.