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ACC No-Refund Decision is Theft

Posted on 04 Jul 2001
The government’s refusal to refund up to 100,000 self-employed New Zealanders who were over-charged for their ACC premiums last year, is nothing short of institutionalised theft, says ACT deputy leader Ken Shirley.

Double Charging by ACC: Government Theft

Posted on 15 Mar 2001
ACT Deputy Leader Ken Shirley is calling on Michael Cullen to direct ACC to review all double charging and repay the aggrieved parties.

Conference 2001: ACC Discussion Paper

Posted on 11 Mar 2001
This Discussion Document emphasises ACT New Zealand's commitment to overcome the inherent inefficiency of ACC that has beleaguered New Zealand for over 25 years.

The Way Forward for ACC

Posted on 06 Jan 2001
Over the past 25 years Accident Compensation in this country has been subjected to a stream of reviews, policy changes and shifting political opinion. The many reviews since 1974 reflect serious concerns about escalating costs and endless disputes over coverage and adequacy of compensation.

ACT Circulates Discussion Paper on Options for ACC

Posted on 06 Dec 2000
ACT Deputy Leader and Accident Insurance Spokesman Ken Shirley today released a discussion paper outlining options for the future operation of accident insurance and is seeking public comment on the options raised.

Counting the Cost of State ACC

Posted on 01 Jan 2000
A comprehensive, state monopoly, no fault accident compensation scheme was introduced in 1974 in keeping with the recommendations of the Royal Commission chaired by Owen Woodhouse which had reported in 1967. In almost all counts it proved to be an abysmal failure. Costs escalated rapidly with the number of accidents reported jumping 400% in the first year of the scheme.