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ACC Puts Ads Ahead Of Patients

Posted on 10 Jun 2004

ACT New Zealand ACC Spokesman Heather Roy today released startling new information showing that ACC has spent the equivalent of dozens of operations on publicly patting itself on the back and promoting itself to the public.

“Answers to my written Parliamentary Questions have revealed that ACC spent $705,149 – enough to fund 54 knee replacement operations, and 320 knee cartilage or 54 hip prosthetics – on initiatives to promote how great a job it is doing,” Mrs Roy said.

“This public self-congratulatory pat on the back included:

·         $31,239: 30th year booklet covering the development of the ACC scheme since its inception, and what it means to New Zealanders then and now

·         $28,700: first day cover, produced in conjunction with NZ Post and available through NZ Post outlets

·         $8,100: 30th anniversary logo

·         $113,000: yearly annual stakeholder presentations with the theme ’30 years of Kiwis Helping Kiwis in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin – including venue hire and set up, catering and technical support.

·         $54,100: display material for external events and presentations

·         $470,011: three week public information campaign – including advertisements in major newspapers, 42 community newspapers, and pamphlet mail drop

“This is ACC patting itself on the back for existing for 30 years.  ACC is a State-Owned monopoly – there is no competition, no choice for the public, and it is using taxpayers’ money.  It clearly has better things on which to spend taxpayers’ money – the sad reality is that it has chosen to frivolously fritter this whopping amount on boosting its ego. 

“I demand that ACC Minister Ruth Dyson explain how this could be allowed to happen.  She must front up – not just to the public, but to the people stuck waiting at home for help to improve their lives while ACC had its PR spending spree,” Mrs Roy said.

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