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Early Election?

Posted on 18 Oct 2004

Cullen's answers to parliamentary questions can signal significant policy moves.

Fuel taxes

Hon Mark Gosche: Is the Government considering any modifications to its fuel tax proposal?
Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: Yes. I am considering recommending to Cabinet that the bill be altered so the increase can be deferred and brought into force by regulation, should oil prices not have come down from their present high levels by 1 April 2005.
John Key: Can the Minister confirm what would be the rate of oil
prices measured in New Zealand dollars that oil would have to fall
to, before the Minister would shelve the proposal?
Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: I certainly do not intend to shelve the proposal as that would shelve something like $200 million a year of increased investment in roading. It is a matter of timing, and we
will keep that under advice.

Working for Families

Paul Adams: Has the Minister given serious consideration to other plans to tackle child poverty, such as allowing families to capitalise the assistance they receive from the Working for Families package, to help them buy a house or repay their mortgage; if not, why not?
Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: A range of options are being looked at for future further assistance to families.