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ACT - the 5-star transport party

Posted on 18 Aug 2005
Address to Logistics and Transport NZ Transport Forum; Waipuna Lodge, Mt Wellington, Auckland; Monday, 15 August 2005.

Transit decision short-sighted - ACT

Posted on 11 Aug 2005
Transit’s decision to axe Transmission Gully is short-sighted but entirely predictable, says ACT Wellington-based MP Heather Roy.

Transmission decision needs facts not guesses

Posted on 07 Jul 2005
Wellington-based ACT MP Stephen Franks today endorsed Peter Dunne's criticism of the deal between Labour and the Wellington Regional Council to can the Transmission Gully project, but asked why he had left it until now do something.

Govt must explore Transmission Gully option

Posted on 02 Jul 2005
It’s obvious the decision to abandon Transmission Gully was made a longtime ago, ACT Wellington-based MP Heather Roy said today.

Getting Wellington Moving

Posted on 04 Jun 2005
ACT New Zealand's Transmission Gully policy.

ACT launches Transmission Gully policy

Posted on 04 Jun 2005
A final decision on the future of Transmission Gully must be made now, Wellington-based ACT MPs Heather Roy and Stephen Franks said today in announcing their party’s Wellington transport policy.

Transmission Gully - Fix State Highway One

Posted on 03 Jun 2005
ACT are launching their Transmission Gully policy on June 3, at the Paramatta Roundabout from 2.30pm.  Join ACT's Wellington MPs, candidates and supporters as we tell holiday motorists how they can trust ACT to keep Wellington moving.

Fix State Highway One now - ACT

Posted on 02 Jun 2005
A decision on whether Transmission Gully should be built is long overdue, Wellington-based ACT MP Heather Roy said today.

Govt’s difficulty over rail deal no surprise

Posted on 06 May 2005
It's no surprise the Government is in difficulty with Toll NZ over the deal done on rail, ACT Transport Spokesman Deborah Coddington said today.

ACT would reverse five-cent petrol tax

Posted on 01 Apr 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide said he is pleased the National Party has finally woken up and adopted ACT’s long-held

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