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Labour Socks Aucklanders Again

Posted on 23 Feb 2006
ACT leader Rodney Hide said once again the Labour Government was socking it to Aucklanders.
"They hiked petrol taxes promising to build roads, but now Transit says Aucklanders can only have the Western Ring Route finished by 2015, as Prime Minister Helen Clark promised, if Auckland accepts tolls. They are putting a “toll gun” to the heads of Aucklanders and saying pay a toll or stay stuck in traffic.
"But Aucklanders through their taxes have paid for these roads many times over. It’s just that Labour keep wasting our money.
"Helen Clark has now delivered to Auckland the worst of all possible worlds: High taxes and user pays!
"The Prime Minister must stick to her word that the Western Ring Route will be completed by 2015 – there are plenty of funding options: the dopey Cullen Fund would be far better used developing this country’s infrastructure than being stuffed in overseas share markets.
"Besides, there plenty of options to borrow.
"We have come to learn that Helen Clark’s promises don’t mean much – Transit’s draft plan is just another example. High taxes and the “toll gun” are just another kick in the teeth for Aucklanders from Labour, said Rodney Hide. "