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Transit woes for Wellington

Posted on 23 Feb 2006
“Transit’s draft 10 year forecast released today means Wellington’s Infrastructure deficit will worsen, motorists can expect escalating traffic delays and business fears of economic implications will be realised with the inevitable isolation of Wellington City by the vagaries of the weather.  This is clearly unacceptable for the nations capital city Wellington based ACT MP Heather Roy said today.
“Transit New Zealand’s funding cuts for roading projects is particularly bad news for the Wellington Region with some projects being delayed for up to 8 years said Mrs Roy.
“Public Private Partnerships should be looked at urgently as a solution to New Zealand’s roading woes. Reducing red tape and increasing real incentives for private enterprises involved with the transport industry are desperately needed. Labours recent transport laws however, have made it virtually impossible for private public partnerships to proceed. 
“For the Wellington Region the Transmission Gully option should be progressed immediately. ACT’s plan is to address Wellington’s serious infrastructure deficit. Tinkering around the edges with minor improvements in roading and rail will simply not fix the problem.  ACT will end the dithering and the buck passing over Transmission Gully by commissioning a conclusive geo-technical and engineering assessment, followed by an authoritative, independent and definitive report on the costs and benefits of building the motorway.  This would all be completed by the end of 2006.
“Wellington’s three Cabinet Ministers (Mallard, Laban and King) and four backbenchers (Beyers, Hughes, Swain and Hobbs) have failed to serve their Wellington constituents. If Peter Dunne were really serious about Transmission Gully he would have made it his bargaining chip for the Revenue Ministers role. Instead he will talk about Transmission Gully forever while Wellington traffic grinds to a halt.
“ACT says get traffic moving – providing proper infrastructure is a core role of Government and Labour is failing miserably said Mrs Roy.”