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Transmission Gully survey should be Wellington's "Bottom Line"

Posted on 05 Oct 2005

Transit and Greater Wellington Regional Council's consultation document for Wellington's northern access problems is short-sighted by omitting Transmission Gully, says ACT Wellington-based MP Heather Roy.

"The Labour Government with its recent transport package for Wellington made it very clear that it did not want Transmission Gully to proceed," Mrs Roy said.

"ACT has campaigned to have all options properly explored, but it appears this will not happen.  The geo-technical and engineering assessment, necessary to find out whether Transmission Gully is a viable option, has never been done".

Mrs Roy said Transit's decision meant Wellington would remain without a second main route in the event of bad weather or a natural disaster.

"Wellington has an infrastructure deficit which in no way will be resolved just by upgrading Centennial Highway.

"This is an absolute disaster for Wellington," Mrs Roy said.

"Local MPs also need to take some responsibility.  Peter Dunne, when negotiating with the Labour Government, should make Transmission Gully his bottom line – something he failed to do over the last three years of propping up Helen Clark.  Instead of representing his constituents, he sold out for a $7 million a year Families Commission, which has achieved nothing.

"Mr Dunne has always claimed to be supportive of Transmision Gully, yet there has been no evidence of this, except for comments at election time.

"It's time for all Wellington MPs to act in the best interests of their region, and take a stand for the Capital.


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