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Labour's rural record shameful - ACT

Posted on 08 Sep 2005
ACT Rural Affairs spokesman Gerry Eckhoff today labelled Labour’s record on rural issues as shameful, and predicted farmers would treat its rural policy with the contempt it deserved.
“Labour has spent the last six years whacking rural communities, treating farmers like a cash cow it can milk whenever it likes.  It has failed heartland New Zealand,” Mr Eckhoff said.
“Labour has closed rural schools, tried to push through the Fart Tax, hiked up farmers’ ACC levies, allowed rural crime to spiral out of control, and still plans to ride roughshod over landowners' property rights.
“ACT is the only party that has consistently stood four-square against anti-farmer Labour’s unprecedented attacks on rural New Zealand.  We led the charge against the Fart Tax and land access.
“ACT is 100 per cent committed to upholding landowners’ property rights, reducing red tape and compliance costs, lower taxes, and ensuring farmers and their families feel safe in their homes and on their farms.
“We have a proven track record of standing up for rural New Zealand.  Farmers sick and tired of being taken for granted by the two tired old parties should send them a message and Party Vote ACT this election,” Mr Eckhoff said.
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