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MPs' Working For Families Eligibility "Outrageous"

Posted on 31 Mar 2006
It is outrageous that a Member of Parliament, on a backbencher's salary, might be eligible for "Working for Families" payments, says ACT MP Heather Roy.

Tariana Turia's Speech to the ACT Conference

Posted on 26 Mar 2006
Speech to ACT Annual Conference, Mercure Hotel, Wellington, Sunday 26 March 2006.

600 Detention Nights Behind Bars For Youth This Year

Posted on 23 Nov 2005
Answers to new Parliamentary Questions reveal the full extent to which overcrowded youth justice residences have led to young people being kept in police cells, says ACT Social Services Spokesman, Heather Roy.

DPB Testing is Second Recommendation From ACT Manifesto

Posted on 18 Nov 2005
ACT Social Services spokesman Heather Roy has said she is not surprised that the Ministry for Social Development has suggested part time work testing for sole parents.

Welfare sickness explodes under Labour’s soft on welfare policies

Posted on 06 Sep 2005
Six years of Labour’s soft on welfare policies has seen the number of adults supported by the sickness and invalids benefits explode from 103,000 to 139,000, ACT Welfare spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.

Child Support Meeting - August 24

Posted on 18 Aug 2005
Dr Muriel Newman will be speaking at a meeting about Child Support on 24 August at 7pm, Wesley Church, 75 Taranaki Street, Wellington.

Child support bill election-year window dressing

Posted on 06 Aug 2005
ACT Deputy Leader and Social Welfare spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today labelled Labour’s Child Support Amendment Bill as election-year window dressing.

Labour soft on benefit fraud

Posted on 28 Jul 2005
New information that reveals hundreds of beneficiaries have debts of up to $220,000 and are paying off their debts at pathetic weekly rates of between $10 and $40 reinforces the Labour Government’s soft-on-welfare attitude, ACT Deputy Leader Dr Muriel Newman said today.

Social Report feel-good Labour propaganda

Posted on 22 Jul 2005
The Social Report 2005 is nothing more than expensive, feel-good Labour Party propaganda, ACT Deputy Leader and Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.

Labour’s attempt to hide benefit numbers fails

Posted on 21 Jul 2005
Labour’s latest claims of success in reducing benefit dependency are now being greeted with public scepticism, ACT Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.
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