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The Way Out Of Poverty Is Work

Posted on 19 Oct 1999
A woman who has worked for Plunket for 30 years recently contacted me about the need for social welfare reform.

A Return to Social Security

Posted on 18 Aug 1999
As a primary objective, the welfare system should provide a generous safety net for those people who are genuinely unable to fend for themselves.  However, anyone who is not totally disabled, should be expected to participate at their own level.I spent some time this week with a man who, prior to joining the police, was a practising Anglican Minister.  He eventually left the force after an incident in which he was severely injured.  During an arrest he was the victim of a vicious knife attack, which has resulted in a 20% permanent disability.

Welfare should lead to jobs, not prison

Posted on 12 Aug 1999
Last week the Minster of Corrections released figures to me showing up to 93% of the country's prison inmates were on a benefit before they went to prison. 3882 out of 4203 male inmates, or 93%, were on an unemployment or other benefit before they went to prison.

Strong Families Are the Foundation of A Successful Nation

Posted on 04 Aug 1999
Last week I attended ?Watea - Pathways to Freedom?, a theatrical production written and performed by inmates of the Christchurch Women?s Prison, at the prison.

Welfare Reform is Getting Attention Around the World

Posted on 14 Jul 1999
All around the world, governments are struggling to address the problems of high unemployment and growing social exclusion.

Break the cycle of abuse and neglect

Posted on 07 Jul 1999
An American expert on child abuse, Dr Astrid Heger, visiting New Zealand for a major conference on family violence, has bitterly criticised Government’s failure to provide political leadership on this issue.  It is ironic however, that conference organisers did not invite a government speaker to outline the raft of proactive initiatives that have been implemented over the last few years.  Such programmes, like Family Start, are using mentors to work closely with the parents of at risk children, helping them to develop parenting skills.  These programmes are making significant inroads into breaking the cycle of violence and abuse.
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