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Vote ACT for lower taxes and a welfare system for the truly needy

Posted on 25 Jun 2005
Extract from speech to Helensville public meeting, Thursday 23 June 2005

Child abuse cases soar 45% in one year

Posted on 23 Jun 2005
It is a scandal that child abuse cases have skyrocketed 45 percent to a  record 13,017 cases in the last year, ACT Deputy Leader and Welfare spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.

Child poverty linked to welfare dependency

Posted on 15 Jun 2005
Speech extract to Child Poverty Action Group Forum, St Columba Centre Ponsonby, Tuesday 14 June, 7.30pm

More garbage from ‘Smarmy Maharey’

Posted on 10 Jun 2005
Social Development & Employment Minister Steve Maharey is using dubious statistics and weasel-words to defend his government’s failure to address poverty or reduce inequality, claims ACT Welfare Spokeswoman Dr Muriel Newman.

Working for Families just a belated inflation adjustment: Where are the tax cuts?

Posted on 04 Jun 2005
This week Newman Online looks at Labour’s Working for Families package and finds it is nothing more than a belated inflation adjustment.

CYF social workers’ inexperienced

Posted on 04 Jun 2005
New information on the Department of Child Youth and Family shows the organisation is being staffed with inexperienced social workers, the majority of whom have had less than five years experience, ACT Deputy Leader and Social Welfare spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.

Maharey's Working for Families spin

Posted on 26 May 2005
Steve Maharey's bizarre election year attempt to claim huge success with the uptake of Labour's Working for Families package is simply ninth floor spin because 85% of recipients got their increases automatically" ACT Leader Rodney Hide said today.

Maharey misleads on benefit numbers

Posted on 24 May 2005
ACT Deputy Leader and Social Welfare spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today released figures that show Steve Maharey appears to be misleading voters about the depth of welfare dependency i

Shared parenting, not $6m, the answer

Posted on 19 May 2005
It is a sad day for New Zealand when a government throws another $6.2 million of taxpayer’s money into the family destruction industry, instead of getting to the heart of the problem and fixing the law, ACT Deputy Leader Dr Muriel Newman said today.

Aussie welfare reform needed here- ACT

Posted on 12 May 2005
The welfare reforms announced in Australia are needed in New Zealand, ACT Deputy leader and welfare spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.
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