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ACT Supports Grey Power Call On Parole

Posted on 09 Dec 2008

ACT New Zealand Law & Order Spokesman David Garrett today pledged his support for Grey Power following its call this week for Parliament to take prompt action on parole and sentencing.

"While ACT is committed to supporting the National-led Government's moves on parole, we wish to go much further," Mr Garrett said.

"ACT's goal is the complete abolition of parole in its current form, replacing it with post-release conditions to be imposed for a period after a criminal has served the full judge-imposed sentence.

"I have asked the Parliamentary Counsel Office to draft a 'Truth in Sentencing' Bill - truth in sentencing having long been a core ACT policy - which I propose to enter into the ballot for Private Members' Bills.

"ACT will replace the Kafka-esque Sentencing Act 2002 - under which no judge-imposed sentence means what it says - with simple legislation based on the truth in sentencing principle. Under our proposed legislation, a 10-year prison sentence will mean 10 years - not three-and-a-half. A three-year sentence will mean three years, not nine months.

"ACT is further committed to supporting National's Life Without Parole Policy as a sentence option for our worst murderers - also a core ACT policy for some time.

"Grey Power is understandably concerned about this issue - particularly as many members will recall a New Zealand where taxi drivers and others could go about their business without being stabbed or assaulted," Mr Garrett said.


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