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Summary: Employment

Posted on 14 Jun 2002
Labour’s Employment Relations Act has already destroyed jobs. It has substantially increased the cost of employment while doing nothing to promote either fairness or productivity.

National's Industrial Relations Policy Too Timid

Posted on 26 Apr 2002
ACT leader Richard Prebble says he’s disappointed to see the National Party has moved away from a promise to scrap the Employment Relations Act.

Govt Slashes Aid for Long-term Unemployed

Posted on 18 Apr 2002

ACT Employment Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today accused the Government of abandoning the country’s growing numbers of long term unemployed.

Rising Number of Strikes Causes Concern

Posted on 17 Apr 2002
The doubling of the number of work stoppages last year, is a matter of concern, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

More Discriminatory Legislation in the Statutes

Posted on 28 Mar 2002

ACT Employment Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman says today will mark the sad passing into law of yet another piece of ill considered, hastily drafted and discriminatory legis

CTU's Growth Claim Is Fantasy

Posted on 14 Mar 2002
A claim by CTU president Ross Wilson that economic growth could double to 5 percent if we improved workplace safety, is complete fantasy and not supported by any reputable economist, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

Art-for-Dole Scheme Traps More in Dependency

Posted on 12 Mar 2002

With its soft approach to welfare, the Government is in danger of trapping a whole new type of beneficiary in the welfare trap, ACT Employment Spokesman Dr Muriel Newma

CTU Claims Are False

Posted on 01 Mar 2002
The Council of Trade Unions’ stunt of placing 500 white crosses at Parliament is pure propaganda, ACT leader Richard Prebble said today.

Maharey Hides Growing Long Term Unemployment

Posted on 11 Feb 2002
“Social Services Minister Steve Maharey clearly does not even read his own Parliamentary answers which reveal registered long term unemployment over two years has grown by 26 percent since the Labour Government was elected,” said ACT  Leader Richard Prebble.
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