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Employment law damage to film industry not the judges’ fault

Posted on 18 Jun 2005
Think again before laying the blame on the judges for letting a model maker renege on his contract with a Lord of the Rings production company, ACT justice spokesman Stephen Franks said today.
“The judges have done exactly what then Labour Minister Margaret Wilson and her backer Helen Clark ordered them to do when they rammed through Employment Relations Act law changes.
“They wanted to remove freedom of contract. They expressly wrote the law to ensure that people who had chosen to be contractors could take the benefit of their personally tailored contracts then renege and claim the job security of employee status.
“The Labour ministers were told by submitters and ACT that overriding adults choices would damage the prospects of everyone in an industry to benefit the selfish few who choose to renege.
“We are pleased that industry people are shunning Mr Bryson but their real targets should be Ms Wilson and Ms Clark,” Mr Franks said.    
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