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Posted on 17 Apr 2000
ACT  MPs  Penny  Webster, Gerry Eckhoff and Stephen Franks are visiting Waikato
and  Taranaki on April 18 & 19 holding public meetings and talking to employers
and  employees  about the increased costs and many pitfalls of the Government’s
Employment Relations Bill.  Here ACT leader Richard Prebble, who is speaking in
the  main  centres  on  April  17-19  on  the  Bill, outlines why employers and
employees  should  take the opportunity to make a submission to the Bill before
they close on May 3.

Employment Bill Must Be Dumped, Says Prebble

Posted on 12 Apr 2000
Time  was  running  out for employers and other interested groups to show their
opposition  to the government’s “radical” Employment Relations Bill, ACT leader
Richard Prebble said today.

ACT Claims Victory in Employment Bill Battle

Posted on 01 Apr 2000
The  ACT  Party  can claim responsibility for forcing the government to concede that  its proposals to declare independent contractors as employees are totally unworkable, ACT leader Richard Prebble said today.
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