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Conference 2001: Superannuation Discussion Paper #1

Posted on 11 Mar 2001
Superannuation. ACT has surveyed members and the public, asking what people thought about Dr Cullen’s proposed superannuation scheme.  The results of those surveys and analysis of the scheme, have been combined with ACT’s long held position on superannuation to produce this proposed submission to the Select Committee considering the New Zealand Superannuation Bill 2000.

Conference 2001: Superannuation Discussion Paper - Part II

Posted on 11 Mar 2001

Conference 2001: Superannuation Discussion Paper - Part I

Posted on 11 Mar 2001
Policies need to be practical.  It is not enough to follow an ideology, the policies must be sensible.  Taking account of the goals, aspirations and incentives facing individuals.
- Mark Prebble

Conference 2001: Superannuation Report Back

Posted on 11 Mar 2001
Questions and Answers – results of consideration at the Superannuation breakout session

Labour's Super Policy : The $65,000,000,000 Question

Posted on 25 Jan 2001
Finance Minister Michael Cullen has a simple solution to the fiscal problem posed by the number of elderly more than doubling over the next 30 years. His plan is to take $65,000,000,000 of taxpayers’ money over the next 25 years, put it into a monster state-run pension fund, and then pay it out, plus interest, over the next 75 years.

ACT Superannuation Site

Posted on 19 Jan 2001
ACT has set up a superannuation website in response to a survey of members showing many are concerned about Michael Cullen's proposed superannuation fund.

Superannuation: The ACT Position

Posted on 13 Nov 2000
Hon Richard Prebble Statement to ACT Press Conference

Questions and Answers on Superannuation

Posted on 13 Nov 2000
Frequently asked questions - and their answers - on this vital issue.

Treasury gets it right over superannuation fund

Posted on 03 Nov 2000
Treasury have built a spreadsheet titled ?Prefunding NZS Model v 2000.5? to analyse for 70 years into the future Finance Minister Michael Cullen?s plan to pre-fund super.

Pension debate is too important to mess up

Posted on 13 Oct 2000
This week, Rodney Hide looks at our pension history to see just how we have ended up quite where we have.