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Summary: Superannuation

Posted on 14 Jun 2002
New Zealand’s spending on superannuation is twice that of Australia’s. Our scheme is less well targeted and more generous.  Over 50 years the cost will rise to 10% of gdp- the same as the first Labour Government’s total spending on everything!

Michael Cullen's reply on the number of beneficiaries with incomes over $60,000

Posted on 11 Mar 2002
How many New Zealanders receiving a benefit or pension are paying the top rate of 39 cents on that benefit or pension?

Truth in Super

Posted on 07 Mar 2002
Speech delivered by ACT Finance Spokesman MP Rodney Hide to the IIR Superannuation Conference, Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington.

ACT Welcomes National Focus on Superannuation for the Long-Term

Posted on 08 Feb 2002
ACT Finance Spokesman MP Rodney Hide said today that it was good news that the National party was addressing the issue of superannuation – not just for this year and next, but for coming generations.

Super Scheme In Disarray

Posted on 25 Jan 2002
The Finance Minister’s admission today that the government is being forced to put $23 million a fortnight into a special account for the Cullen super scheme, because no guardians for the fund have yet been appointed, confirms ACT’s claim that the scheme is off to a bad start,” ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

Red Tape Killing Super Schemes

Posted on 09 Nov 2001
A report that workplace superannuation schemes are becoming a thing of the past, should alarm the government, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

Super Campaign: Facts, not Propaganda

Posted on 02 Nov 2001
ACT Finance spokesman MP Rodney Hide said today that Minister of Finance Dr Michael Cullen had better stick to the facts, not propaganda, in spending a million dollars of taxpayers' money to promote his state-run monopoly super fund.

It's Not too Late to Stop Risky Super Fund

Posted on 02 Nov 2001
ACT leader Richard Prebble has welcomed a National Bank report which shows the government's superannuation fund will erode economic growth, keep up interest rates and fail to achieve forecast returns.

Superannuation – the Answer, Cut Taxes

Posted on 30 Oct 2001
Speech by Hon Richard Prebble to AMP Superannuation Consultants, Duxton Hotel, Wellington, Tuesday 30 October 2001 at 7.30am

Speech to Second Reading of the Superannuation Bill

Posted on 24 Jul 2001
This speech was delivered in Parliament. It is in Real Player Format. You can download Real Player free from