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When Mediocrity is the Vision it is Usually Achieved

Posted on 16 Aug 2000
The proposed changes to New Zealand?s senior exams will bring school standards to an all time low.

Turning a blind eye

Posted on 06 Aug 2000
Why are so many Maori children being attacked by the ones who should protect them? Phil Taylor sought the views of Maori.

Parents to Pay $5.2 Million in Trade Union Leave For Teachers

Posted on 16 May 2000
Parents will have to foot a $5.2 million bill for trade union action, ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today.

Closing The Gaps Committee Left in Dark

Posted on 15 May 2000
ACT Education spokesperson Donna Awatere Huata said today, she was concerned the Minister of Education had failed to brief the Closing the Gaps committee about the detrimental effects the Education Amendment Bill will have on Maori achievement.

Minister?s Incompetence Hinders Schools

Posted on 12 May 2000
Education Minister Trevor Mallard’s incompetence is preventing schools from planning for their students future, said ACT Education Spokesman Donna Awatere Huata.

No Guarantee Of Funding Levels For Schools

Posted on 09 May 2000
The Minister of Education won?t give schools an assurance he will continue their present funding levels, ACT MP Donna Awatere Huata revealed today.

Assessments are needed for our teachers

Posted on 02 Jul 1999
The revelation that an unqualified and incompetent teacher has been teaching senior classes at a Northland secondary school for years without detection, casts doubts on the integrity of our education system.  Without a robust national assessment programme for teachers, teachers whose skills aren't up to scratch can remain in the classroom.
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