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Benson-Pope should stick with fish

Posted on 15 Mar 2005

David Benson-Pope is proving to be a disgrace as Associate Education Minister and should go back to trying to regul

Deborah Coddington's Liberty Belle

Posted on 10 Mar 2005
Some of these lunacy sightings are turning into horror stories. I've written to Trevor Mallard about this one: "My stepdaughter went to Weltech in the last couple of weeks to enrol in a course of some interest to her. In order to get all the necessaries for her course she had to apply for a student loan. While filling out the applications etc she had an electoral enrolment form placed in front of her and was told that she had to fill it in. She replied, 'I am only 16 and can't vote yet'. She was told that she must fill it in anyway and being the good obedient little 16yo (if there is such a thing), she did.

Give Scholarship back to rightful owners

Posted on 08 Mar 2005

ACT Education Spokesman Deborah Coddington today called on the Labour Government to do the right thing and allow th

Crisis in school funding

Posted on 03 Mar 2005

Associate Education Minister David Benson-Pope is just plain wrong when he argues that schools have enough money because they manage to balance their boo

Labour pumps up taxes... again

Posted on 01 Mar 2005

ACT Transport spokesman Deborah Coddington today slammed the Labour Government’s decision to ratchet up petrol taxes by five cents a litre from Apr

April 1st no joke for pre-school providers

Posted on 28 Feb 2005

In what must be the cruellest April Fools trick ever, Labour has decided 1 April is the final day for early childho

ACT calls for NCEA fee to be scrapped

Posted on 22 Feb 2005
ACT Education spokesman Deborah Coddington today called on the Labour Party to do the decent thing and waive the NCEA scholarship reassessment fee.

NCEA fails homeschooled students - Mallard oblivious

Posted on 21 Feb 2005

The NCEA qualifications system has totally overlooked families who homeschool their children, and Trevor Mallard ju

NZQA puts wet blanket on real qualifications

Posted on 17 Feb 2005

The NZQA should stop pinching the names of credible qualifications and using them to label new, nonsense non-qualif

Vote ACT to dump NCEA

Posted on 16 Feb 2005

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today said it was a bit rich for the National Party to call for an overhaul of the discredit

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