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New Scholarships Increase Choice In Education

Posted on 05 Aug 2009

Associate Minister of Education Heather Roy today announced a new scholarship initiative that will enable students from low-income families to attend independent secondary schools that they and their families would previously not have been able to afford.

"ACT and National pledged to increase families' education choices, with scholarships for every child being a key part of ACT's manifesto. This announcement is an important step toward honouring that pledge,” Mrs Roy said.

"In Budget 2009, the Government increased private school funding by $10 million - the first increase since 2000 - to make independent schools more affordable to parents. Of this, $7.4 million will be allocated directly to independent schools and $2.6 million used to provide 250 scholarships to students from low socio-economic backgrounds from 2010.

"The additional funding and new scholarships will increase choice by making independent schools more affordable for New Zealand families.

"Next year 150 students from low-income families will be able to go to an independent secondary school, increasing to 200 students in 2011 and 250 in 2012. Students' fees will be covered, and they will receive an allowance for uniforms and other school-related costs, to ensure no student is disadvantaged.

"Over four percent of school-age students - 30,000 children - currently attend independent schools, saving the State around $200 million annually and relieving some of the pressure on State schools. I am delighted to announce the introduction of this scholarship initiative - which will provide more choice and opportunity for young people from low-income families.

"This Government knows it is parents who are best placed to make the decisions about the education that best suits their children's needs. This funding will support parents in their choices and improve access for many families to a greater range of educational opportunities for their children,” Mrs Roy said.


Well done Heather and ACT -

Well done Heather and ACT - Scholarships, just as you promised at election time. Next we want one for every child.

break the tyranny of

break the tyranny of "Educracy"

While I think this is a great initiative, it does not address the fundamental problem that NZ parents are effectively forced by economic manipulation to use state schools because of the protected monopoly position these schools hold through compulsory tax funding.
I would like to see ACT take seriously the idea that parents are best placed to make the decisions about the education of their children. To do that requires empowering them by returning their education taxes into the hands of parents and giving them the freedom to choose a school on its merits rather than what they are forced to by zoning, and the poverty of being a tax slave. Bring on tax credits and break the power of the educrats over our children!

The most appalling aspect of the current model is that educrats, many of them left-wing ideologues, occupy well-paid secure positions and undermine the government's attempts to help parents. A thorough-going dismantling of the education bureaucracy would go a long way of breaking the power of the left-wing in their efforts to undermine our society to usher in their silly and unworkable idea of heaven on earth.

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