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First interviews

Posted on 28 Apr 2004

Up early for Radio Pacific and Breakfast TV. It was just Paul Henry and me on Pacific. That was fine. TV One was interesting. I have never been on with one of my colleagues before.

Seemed a bit eerie.

Ken and I did well. I think we frustrated the media a little with our politeness towards each other.

Ronald Reagan was relentlessly positive in his primaries. He said he would never criticise a fellow Republican.

His positivity saw him win over his party and then the American people. He united the Republicans after the bitter Watergate and Ford years.

The media won

Morning report

Posted on 28 Apr 2004

Went up to Morning Report and was interviewed by Sean Plunkett. Ken was at the airport on a mobile. Stephen was in the USA still. It was harder for them not being in the studio. Again, it went well.


Posted on 28 Apr 2004

Up to Vic and borrowed an office for an interview with Linda Clark. She

First night planning

Posted on 27 Apr 2004

Why should I be leader? That will be the question the media will want to ask tomorrow.

1. Leadership requires vision. My vision is of a free and prosperous New Zealand. I know what we need to do to get there.

2. Broaden ACT

Day one

Posted on 27 Apr 2004

Richard Prebble announced he was stepping down as the leader of ACT on 27 April 2004. He declared that a

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