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Posted on 27 Jun 1996

Rodney Hide is widely acknowledged by commentators as one of the country's most effective politicians and a tireless promoter of his vision of a free and prosperous New Zealand where the role of government is limited to protecting the freedoms of its citizens.

A classical liberal from a hard-working background, Rodney made his name in the New Zealand parliament as a defender of the rights and freedoms of ordinary Kiwis against big government.

Rodney has been instrumental in the establishment and evolution of ACT as New Zealand’s liberal party. He was founding chairman of its predecessor, the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers, and he was founding president of ACT itself when it was established in 1994.

As the party's finance spokesman since it entered parliament in 1996 he has led many successful campaigns against government waste, red tape, excessive taxation, and corporate welfare. Rodney has never accepted that it is impossible to achieve anything from opposition and he has helped many in their struggle against government bureaucracy. He looks forward to the day when ACT can play a strong role in a centre-right government.

• Member of Parliament for Epsom: 17 September 2005-present.
• ACT Leader: 13 June 2004-present.
• ACT representative Parliamentary Service Commission: 12 August -16 September 2005.
• ACT representative Privileges Committee: 30 June 2004-16 September 2005.
• ACT representative, Commerce Select Committee: 5 March 2003- November 2004. 
• ACT representative, Finance and Expenditure Select Committee: 4 March 1997-.
• ACT representative, Government Administration Select Committee: 4 March 1997-5 October 1999.
• ACT candidate in four general elections: Epsom in 2005, 2002 and 1999; Auckland Central in 1996.
• Founding president, ACT: 1994.
• Founding chairman, Association of Consumers and Taxpayers: 1993.

• Lecturer, Lincoln University, Centre for Resource Management and Department of Economics.
• MSc in Economics (Montana State University).
• MSc in Resource Management (Canterbury/Lincoln).
• BSc in Zoology and Botany (Canterbury).

• Received Special Achievements Teaching Award, Lincoln University 1991.

• Regular blogger at
• HideSight email newsletter (2003-present) published by
• The Power to Destroy (1999).
• Hidesight ”column for the National Business Review 1989-1999.

• Previous occupations: economist, lecturer, rig worker - north sea oil rig, truck driver.
• Married to Jiuan Jiuan with one son.
• Born in Oxford, North Canterbury, New Zealand, in 1956.

Recent plaudits
• “Politician of the Year” Dominion, 18 January 2003.
• “Leader of the Opposition” North and South, May 2002.
• “Opposition MP of the Year” Dominion, 24 December 2001.
• “Backbencher of the Year” New Zealand Herald, 22 December 2001.

Contact details
• Website:
• Email:
• Phone: 64 (4) 470 6630.
• Post: Rodney Hide MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand.

Epsom electorate office
• Email:
• Phone: 64 (9) 522 7464.
• Post: PO Box 12 8205, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand.