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Roger Douglas

Hon Sir Roger Douglas

About Roger

When David Lange was elected Labour Leader in 1983, Sir Roger became Labour’s Finance Spokesman – and then Finance Minister when Labour was elected in 1984.

In that role he implemented the most radical changes in New Zealand's economic history since the first Labour Government instigated its social welfare system in the 1930s.

After retiring from Parliament in 1990, Sir Roger founded the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers in 1993 which went on to become ACT New Zealand after the MMP referendum in 1995.

In 2008, Sir Roger was asked by ACT Leader Rodney Hide to return to politics and to run as a candidate for ACT. At number three on ACT's list, Sir Roger was returned to Parliament at the 2008 election for the first time in 18 years.

Along with Rodney Hide, Sir Roger is one of the architects of ACT’s 20-Point Plan policy document – the only definitive plan in Parliament to beat Australia and bring our children home.




Families At Risk

Select Committees

Education & Science

Roger's Latest Blog Posts

  • Who gave a speech in 2004 that led The Press to report: "National ... [has] again flagged the need for future Governments to consider raising the retirement age"?

  • Labour Party blog The Standard has been posting some graphs about the growth in the GDP per capita gap between Australia and New Zealand, suggesting that the gap has widened as a result of the reforms between 1984 – 1993.

  • Part Four in an education series of articles by Hon Sir Roger Douglas on 'What You Should Know' as we countdown to the Budget.

  • Article by Hon Sir Roger Douglas
    The fouth article in an educational series - Countdown to the Budget - What You should Know

  • In the weeks leading up to the Budget ACT New Zealand Finance Spokesman Sir Roger Douglas will release an educational series on what everyone should know about the Budget.

    This first article establishes the principles of good fiscal management. Next week, Sir Roger will concentrate on specific areas that he believes need to be addressed, including: health, education, welfare, and student support.

    This is intended to help the public understand the Budget and realise what is at stake.