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Anti-Smacking Bill Pulled From The Ballot

Posted on 26 Aug 2009

After three years without a single Private Member's Bill being drawn, ACT has now had two pulled from the Ballot in a matter of days - Sir Roger Douglas' Voluntary Student Membership Bill last week and, today, John Boscawen's Crimes (Reasonable Parental Control and Correction) Amendment Bill.

This Bill - which could well be described as the Anti 'Anti-Smacking' Bill - is designed to give parents certainty under the law when it comes to the correction of their children and specifically sets out the conditions that a light smack for the purpose of correction can be used. It states that the use of force is defined as unreasonable:

'if it should cause the child to suffer injury that is more than transitional or trifling; or it is inflicted with any weapon, tool or other implement; or it is inflicted in any means that is cruel or degrading.'

The move toward amending the flawed Anti-Smacking law is gaining momentum. More than half of New Zealand's registered voters took part in the Anti-Smacking Referendum - a total 1,684,402 Kiwis. Of those, 87.4 percent - more than 1.4 million - voted 'NO', exercising their right to democracy and calling for the law to be changed. The drawing of John Boscawen's Bill today is another step toward achieving that goal and will ensure that the issue is debated properly in Parliament.

The Anti-Smacking law is a State intrusion into good parents' homes that never should have passed. Now Prime Minister John Key and his National colleagues have an opportunity to set things right and support ACT's Bill. One can only hope that they will re-examine their principles, listen to the people and do the right thing.

During Question Time in Parliament today, Mr Key announced that at 4pm this afternoon he will be making a statement as to whether the National Party will support ACT's Bill.

And got stuffed right back

And got stuffed right back in the ballot again under Lock & Key!

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