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Diocesan School's New Aquatic Centre Celebration

Posted on 12 Mar 2009

Rodney Hide, as MP for Epsom, attended the opening of the new Aquatic Centre at Diocesan School for Girls in February 2009.

He took part in a celebrity race and assisted with the start of a number of other races.

Hobson Bay Tunnel Visit

Posted on 09 Mar 2009

Rodney Hide (right) visiting the site of the Hobson Tunnel Project with ARC Chairman Mike Lee (left) and Auckland City Mayor John Banks (centre) in February 2009.

The project will see the construction of a tunnel to replace the 90-year old, above ground sewer pipe across Hobson Bay, Remuera. It is one of a number of major infrastructure projects underway in the Auckland region, funded by local government.

In the background can be seen the machine which has been creating the tunnel under the bay.

An Open Letter

Posted on 23 Oct 2008


New Zealand is facing an extraordinary situation.

We are in the middle of an economic recession caused by poor management. It's a financial tsunami!

The world economy has also hit the wall - so that's a double-whammy for us. As an export-led economy we would normally be confident that with our lowering dollar we could export ourselves out of this mess. That may no longer be the case.

And all this time we are marching steadily towards an election with these architects of our current misfortune trying to convince us to give them another chance. And we have a voting public that has been conditioned by a cynical Labour Government to accept election bribes paid for with their own money.

I am astounded at the responses of both National and the Peters/Clark Labour government to this crisis Are our current political leaders they blind to reality? Or are they blinded by their ideology? We need a lot more than hope, pray, spend and spin. As a nation and as a people, we deserve more.

I've got the message. How can we get out of this?

These are not times for faint-hearted politicians, worried more about their share of vote than the future of our country.

These are not the times for ideology and point-scoring; for the usual New Zealand political leadership response of spin, half-truths, dissembling, deceit and reckless spending of tax money.

This crisis needs tougher hands than those currently available - hands that have in fact been responsible to a great degree for putting us in this position in the first place.

Here is a seven step plan to get New Zealand out of the mire the current Labour government has placed us in and that National refuses to acknowledge.

  1. Expenditure
    Future increases in government expenditure MUST be held to a figure below the rate of inflation. A few days ago I would have said to the level of inflation but it's gone too far now. In time this will:
    • reduce government expenditure as a percent of GDP.
    • enable government to dramatically lower taxes below 20c in the dollar by 2018.
    • encourage greater productivity.
  2. Get competitive
    The incentive structure for government agencies and enterprises such as health, education, welfare is not conducive to efficient operation.
  3. Dump central planning
    Government central planning in the areas of roading, water and electricity are the main cause of uncertainty, bottlenecks and shortages.
  4. End special interest privileges
    The various forms of voter influence and bribes we have seen from the Labour Government have cost New Zealand dearly, an average of about $1000 a month! The country must put an end to this waste and special privilege seeking.
  5. Dump the man-made obstacles to economic growth; the cost of doing business in New Zealand is beyond belief
    1. Resource Management Act.
    2. Nutty regulations.
    3. The Emissions Trading Scheme.
  6. Introduce constitutional rules that balance economic policy and politics
    1. Taxpayer Bill of Rights (limit growth in government expenditure).
    2. Regulatory Responsibility Act (checklist to good lawmaking).
    3. No government to take private property by regulation. Full market value compensation to be paid as a result of negotiations.
    4. Use common law wherever possible instead of bureaucratic mechanisms like the RMA
  7. Protect the rights of people
    Government needs to provide protection for people's lives and property. Zero tolerance for crime, three strikes and you're out.

But let's face it. We've seen a lot of scary stuff from our government and its hangers-on in the past few years. Yes there's a financial crises. But isn't there a basic weakness in our system.

A weakness that has opened in the past few years as more and more instances of political expediency, double standards, deceit and outright dishonesty have been exposed. We know what's happened to our economy and who's responsible. So how come we're seeing this drop in values?

ACT's philosophies cover more than economics and crime, education and the environment. ACT believes in basic tenets that seem to have been cynically pushed aside. What's happened to respect for truth, honesty, personal and political integrity, independence of thought and deed, personal freedom and responsibility.

Where have these gone in today's world?

ACT says, let's have them back. A Party Vote for ACT will of course help sort out our economy as we bring pressure to bear on a new National Government.

But it will also mean a return to some good old fashioned values. And that, in the long term, may be what this country REALLY needs.

Thanks for reading this far. If, like me, you are concerned as to where our country is heading, and want to see ACT stand by the new National Government and help it stay on track, then please give your Party Vote to ACT on November 8.

Rodney Hide
Leader, ACT New Zealand

77 Lives

Posted on 19 Oct 2008

ACT cares about the victims not the killers.

Today David Garrett Kenneth Wang and I walked past 77 coffins placed outside Mt Eden prison.

Each coffin represents an innocent life that ACT’s Three Strikes-and-you're-out policy would save.

Only ACT’s policy would save these lives.

The killers had already been inside at least three times for violent offending.

Under ACT’s Three-Strikes-Policy they would not have been free to kill.


You bet.

But it is the victims ACT cares about – and the families and friends.

The ACT Campaign Is On A Roll

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Our campaign going really well.

The feedback in Epsom is extremely positive.

I am confident of a good result - but I am not taking it for granted.

Being returned as the Member of Parliament for Epsom will have a real effect on the Party Vote for ACT.

For a start we can assure people that every Party Vote for ACT will count.

Every Party vote for ACT will contribute to electing more ACT MPs to parliament.

On fiscal policy launch yesterday went fabulously well. Sir Roger Douglas was on fire.
David Farrar at Kiwiblog reckons that it was his Play of the Week

There is no doubt there is support for getting government expenditure under control and delivering tax cuts.

It is one way to protect New Zealand from the financial turmoil sweeping the world.

And, if you stop wasting the public’s money you can afford proper tax cuts.

Cullen’s 39% Tax cut will be gone by Christmas when there is a National led government with ACT putting a bit of courage into them.

People have a real reason to party vote ACT.

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