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ACT Agriculture Policy

ACT acknowledges that Agriculture is the backbone of the New Zealand economy and the role of government should be to create an environment where the industry can flourish in the most free and efficient manner. If that happens, the benefits to New Zealand are enormous and sustainable.

New Zealand farmers are living proof to the world that that without subsidies and dependency on the state, individuals and businesses can prosper. In the economic reforms of the 1980s led by ACT founder, and 2008 candidate, Sir Roger Douglas, farm subsidiaries were removed, despite this farm production overall has, since then, increased by nearly 50%. However, in recent years the economic benefit achieved by the agricultural sector have been negated by excessive Government spending, excessive taxation and excessive compliance costs.

ACT believes in low taxes, low tariffs, and less restrictive legislation and regulation and a control of public spending at Central, Regional and Local Government level.

ACT opposes New Zealand ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and opposes the introduction of an Emissions Trading Scheme. It is the only political party that is opposed to these crazy unworkable, destructive proposals. ACT believes that these proposals could easily destroy the Agricultural Industry with absolutely no resulting benefit to this country nor to the global environment. ACT accepts that the climate does change naturally and believes Government should have more regard to mitigating the effect of sudden changes which usually relate to excessive water (floods) or a scarcity of water (droughts). The damaging effects of both can be reduced by man-made technology.

ACT does believe that Government has a fundamental obligation to provide security to its citizens, and rural people deserve the same protection as urban people. The obligation of the State is:

  1. To provide effective and well resourced armed services that can not only protect our country's vital interests but can work with other nations to provide collective security and generate a feeling of trust amongst our traditional friends and allies that has not been there for 20 years, despite the claims of the Labour and National parties.
  2. To provide an adequate and well resourced police force particularly in rural areas and small towns.
  3. To provide a criminal justice system that deals to those who are found to have wronged and protects and if necessary compensates those who have been wronged whether by death or injury or damage to, or destruction of, property.
  4. To provide an effective and well resourced system of Bio Security so that harmful organisms are prevented from entering New Zealand and harmful organisms already in New Zealand do not affect our international trade.
  5. To provide adequate health and education services in rural areas and small towns preferably by creating competitive networks and maximising co-operation between public and private providers.

ACT believes that the Resource Management Act is not an effective protector of the natural resources required in Agriculture namely water and soil, yet at the same time the Act is a hindrance to appropriate economic development particularly agricultural economic development which has traditionally been the most productive development with the widest benefit to the country.

ACT believes that farmers pay too much in ACC levies and that the ACC system should be opened up to competition.

ACT's leader Rodney Hide is an internationally qualified Environmental Scientist. ACT supports the environment and ACT supports science.

ACT believes that most land owners are environmentalists and that the failing of a few should not be a reason to unnecessarily hinder the majority.

ACT's philosophy is about the importance of personal property rights and it opposes Government and Parliamentary intervention and disregard for the property rights owned by farmers and their families for generations.

ACT supports immigration on the basis that, amongst other things, the Capital, Labour and Cultural disciplines of immigrants whether from Europe, Asia, America, the Pacific, or elsewhere have greatly benefited Agriculture in the country.

ACT has many candidates directly involved in Primary Industry.

Contact: John Ormond. ACT New Zealand Agriculture Spokesman. Candidate for Napier List Candidate No. 8.
Wallingford RD 4, Waipukurau 4284, Hawke's Bay, Ph 06 855 4701,