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Free Market Best for Energy Consumers, Generators and Environment

Posted on 12 Apr 2006
A new book by two Victoria University researchers, criticising Labour's regulation of the electricity market, is being welcomed by ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

Keep The Lights On - Switch Off The RMA

Posted on 09 Mar 2006
Getting rid of government red tape and the Resource Management Act is the only way New Zealand can avoid power blackouts, says ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

ACT releases its policy on energy

Posted on 17 Jun 2005
Speech Notes to PEPANZ Energy Political Forum; Wellington; Thursday,16 June 2005.

Getting Politics out of Power

Posted on 17 Jun 2005
ACT's vision is for an energy sector which meets the nation's energy needs in an efficient and affordable manner. The success of our main exporting industries is dependent upon internationally competitive energy prices.

Carbon Tax will damage economy - Shirley

Posted on 05 May 2005
The Labour Government’s foolish adherence to the Kyoto Protocol and their flawed carbon tax proposals are poised to deliver serious damage to the New Zealand economy with no beneficial outcome, ACT Energy spokesman Ken Shirley predicted today.

Labour's pylon backdown cynical electioneering

Posted on 13 Apr 2005

Labour’s cynical attempt to appease angry voters over its unpopular pylon plan is all about electioneering, A

Minister shouldn't reject nuclear power outright

Posted on 04 Mar 2005

The new Energy Minister Trevor Mallard’s outright rejection of even considering the nuclear power option is confirmation of Labour’s foolish

Petrol and power hikes - double whammy

Posted on 04 Mar 2005

Energy statistics released this week prove the Labour Government has been milking power customers through its SOEs,

Meridian - Energy Minister's Plaything

Posted on 23 Nov 2004
Meridian Energy Chief Executive Keith Turner's attack on his competitors, Contact and Genesis, is shallow and facile, ACT New Zealand Energy Spokesman Ken Shirley said today.

Disappointing Report Offers No Answers

Posted on 27 Oct 2004
Any New Zealand looking for assurances in future energy security or competitive electricity pricing will be bitterly disappointed by the release of the Governments report ‘Creating a Sustainable Energy System, ACT New Zealand Energy Spokesman Ken Shirley said today.
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