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ACC's $5 Million Dollar Pat On The Back

Posted on 19 Mar 2007
ACC's "Covered" advertising campaign will cost Kiwi taxpayers $5.1 million over the next four years, and answers to Parliamentary Questions reveal that ACC's current television, newspaper, internet and planned radio advertisements are setting taxpayers back more than $2.3 million, says ACT MP Heather Roy.

Report slams King's PHO strategy

Posted on 15 Mar 2005
A highly critical report into Annette King's PHO strategy explains why she spent five months trying to stop it being released, ACT health spokesman Heather Roy said today.

Nurses settlement costs DHB?s $413 million

Posted on 11 Mar 2005

The nurses pay settlement will cost District Health Boards $413 million over three years, ACT health spokesman Heat

More ACC And Labour Highway Robbery

Posted on 06 Nov 2004
ACT Auckland Regional Conference; Saturday November 6, 2004;

ACC And Labour's Highway Robbery

Posted on 26 Oct 2004
ACT New Zealand ACC Spokesman Heather Roy today urged ACC and Labour to quit its highway robbery and leave motorists alone, in light of ACC’s calls to increase the costs of annual vehicle licensing.

Early Election?

Posted on 18 Oct 2004
Cullen's answers to parliamentary questions can signal significant policy moves.

Letter to the Editor - Australian Accident Compensation

Posted on 30 Jul 2004
So the Premier is considering a "No Fault" Compensation system similar to NZ! This confirms that Dr Gallop, like all pollies (particularly Labour pollies), does suffer from OPMS (Other Peoples Money Syndrome).

A Birthday To End All Birthdays

Posted on 25 Jun 2004
Speech to ACT Tamaki mid-winter dinner; Tamaki Yacht Club; Friday June 25, 2004;

ACC Puts Ads Ahead Of Patients

Posted on 10 Jun 2004

ACT New Zealand ACC Spokesman Heather Roy today released startling new information showing that ACC has spent the e

Stephen's website

Posted on 10 May 2004