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Transmission Gully Should Go Ahead

Posted on 23 Oct 2008

ACT Deputy Leader and Wellington Central candidate today dismissed the Green Party's plan to ditch Transmission Gully in favour of light rail, and said that such a move would prove a huge mistake for the Wellington Region.

ACT Puts Full Support Behind Protesting Truckers

Posted on 03 Jul 2008

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today condemned the move to increase road user charges, saying it was a bit rich for the Government to expect the trucking industry to subsidise KiwiRail - the biggest tax 'dog' the country has seen in years.

Dumb, Dumb And Dumber

Posted on 06 May 2008

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today slammed Labour's 'dumb' deal with Toll Holdings and said that even the Greens, New Zealand First and Labour backbenchers would see that Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen has been out-manoeuvred by the Aussies.

Govt Chooses Revenue Over Road Toll

Posted on 09 Jan 2008

Completely lost in the recent debate around the extension of the demerit points system - announced by Transport Minister Annette King before Christmas - is the issue of speed cameras, ACT New Zealand Deputy Leader Heather Roy said today.

Budget Crumbs For Auckland Roads

Posted on 25 May 2006
The 'Minister For Auckland' has been questioned in Parliament by Rodney Hide, MP for Epsom and the Leader of ACT, who says that Auckland missed out from the Budget's boost to transport funding.

Get The Gully Going

Posted on 10 Mar 2006
Work on Transmission Gully should begin as soon as possible, says Wellington-based ACT MP Heather Roy. "Now that the Western Plan Hearing Sub-Committee has reported in favour of building Transmission Gully, Councils and central government should get behind them and begin work as soon as possible", Mrs Roy said.

Transit woes for Wellington

Posted on 23 Feb 2006
“Transit’s draft 10 year forecast released today means Wellington’s Infrastructure deficit will worsen, motorists can expect escalating traffic delays and business fears of economic implications will be realised with the inevitable isolation of Wellington City by the vagaries of the weather.  This is clearly unacceptable for the nations capital city Wellington based ACT MP Heather Roy said today.

Labour Socks Aucklanders Again

Posted on 23 Feb 2006
ACT leader Rodney Hide said once again the Labour Government was socking it to Aucklanders.  

Labour Socks Aucklanders Again

Posted on 23 Feb 2006
ACT leader Rodney Hide said once again the Labour Government was socking it to Aucklanders.  

Transmission Gully survey should be Wellington's "Bottom Line"

Posted on 05 Oct 2005
Transit and Greater Wellington Regional Council's consultation document for Wellington's northern access problems is short-sighted by omitting Transmission Gully, says ACT Wellington-based MP Heather Roy.
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