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'If you create a positive culture within your company, people are happy to be there and they want to do good work for the company. That's the biggest thing'
Pat Coll, Founder and Proprietor Coll Electrical

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Workplace Productivity

Increasing New Zealand’s Wealth through Workplace Productivity

In this site you will find practical information to help you improve your workplace productivity.

Workplace productivity is the key to lifting New Zealand's living standards and wealth. It is about increasing the value of what we produce by working in more effective and efficient ways.

This site provides a snapshot tool to help you identify potential areas for productivity improvement in your workplace. The framework used here to identify workplace productivity improvements is based around seven productivity drivers. The drivers divide business operations into areas where workplaces should focus to improve their productivity.  While many of the drivers are familiar concepts there is an emphasis on the need to align everyone in the workplace towards better performance.

There are case studies that outline lessons from New Zealand organisations who have found better, and more productive, ways of working. Once you have identified areas you and your workplace can improve on, this website provides helpful research and tools to assist you.

There are also resources and case studies designed to help State Sector workplaces to achieve productivity improvements. You may also find the private sector resources helpful.