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Pandemic Planning

Pandemic Planning Information

A pandemic will affect your business, your staff and your customers – just how much will depend on the severity of the pandemic and how well prepared you are.

Businesses need to prepare their business continuity plan early – developing the steps your business will take pre-, during and after a pandemic. There is no one, single response you can plan for. You and your staff need to respond flexibly depending on the situation. Updating your business continuity plan will also have the wider benefit of being useful in the event of another crises occurring.

Information that could be helpful for you to do this includes: 

This advice is given as a guide only. Employees and employers are advised to seek specific advice depending on the circumstances they face.

For information on the health aspects of the pandemic, please go to the Ministry of Health web site at

For information about a Special Needs Grant or Temporary Additional Support please visit Work and Income at