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Welcome to
 Agender New Zealand Incorporated

Supporting Transgender people
and their families throughout
New Zealand since 1996.




Who Are Transgender People?

"Transgender people - A nebulous category that can include anyone who crosses gender boundaries, regardless of whether that crossing is permanent or intentional; anyone who exhibits characteristics of a gender that does not match their apparent physical sex."
James Green
President of FtM International

We, as a community need to work together to teach and to learn tolerance of one another, whether you identify as transgender, intersex or non transgender, gay or straight, rich or poor, black, brown, yellow or white, we are one people, all variations, all with one goal to be acknowledged for who we are, not what we are!”
Joanne Clarke

Agender New Zealand Inc.

“Please send my thanks to the younger generation who have placed this great honour upon me”
Carmen Rupe
Agender New Zealand Inc.


Our Aims and Objectives

Agender New Zealand provides support throughout New Zealand
for ALL within the Transgender Community.






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What's New at Agender

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