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A Guide to the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992


1: Introduction

1.1 About this guide
1.2 Why have health and safety legislation?
1.3 What the Act sets out to do
1.4 Coverage is broad
1.5 "All practicable steps"
1.6 How the Act sets more detailed standards
          Working with regulations
          Working with approved codes of practice
1.7 The difference between the Act and the common law

2: Duties of employers

2.1 The meaning of "employer"
2.2 The general duty (section 6)
          Particular duties
2.3 Hazard management responsibilities (sections 7-10)
          Identifying hazards
          Controlling hazards
2.4 Information for employees and health and safety representatives (sections 11-12)
2.5 Supervision and training (section 13)
2.6 Employee participation (sections 19A-19I, schedule 1A)
2.7 Volunteer workers (sections 3C and 3D)
2.8 People who are not employees (section 15)

3: Duties of employees

3.1 The meaning of "employee"
3.2 The employee's general duty (section 19)
          Particular duties
          The right to refuse work that is likely to cause serious harm
3.3 Requirements of health and safety inspectors and departmental medical practitioners
3.4 Rights of employees in relation to information
3.5 Participating in the improvement of health and safety

4: Other people with duties

4.1 Duties of persons who control a place of work (section 16)
4.2 Duties of the self-employed (section 17)
4.3 Duties of principals and contractors (section 18)
4.4 Duties of persons selling or supplying plant for use in places of work (section 18A)

5: Accidents

5.1 Recording and investigating occurrences of harm (section 25(1))
5.2 Notification and reporting requirements (section 25(2))
5.3 No interference at scene of an accident (section 26)
5.4 Investigation of accidents and illness

6: How the Act is administered and enforced

6.1 Health and safety inspectors (sections 29-33)
6.2 Departmental Medical Practitioners (sections 34-38)
6.3 Improvement and prohibition notices (sections 39-46)
6.4 Regulations and approved codes of practice (sections 20,21)
6.5 Offences and penalties (sections 49,50,56A-56I)
6.6 Relationship with accident insurance and compensation agencies