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News and media

››Serious accident under investigation
Thursday, 23 April 2009
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Latest publications

››Safe Seas Clean Seas - March 2009
››Lookout! - March 2009
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Latest safety messages

››Safety bulletin #19 - Mar 2009
››All safety bulletins
››Join email group for safety updates
››Guidance notice #10 - April 2009
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What's new

››Kayaking and canoeing safety
     strategy 2009-2014

››Safety guidelines for passenger and
     non-passenger vessels.


Welcome to Maritime New Zealand

  ››Accident reporting and Search and Rescue
Ship Registration
››How to register a ship for nationality.
››How to register changes to existing registration.
Seafarer Qualifications:
››Forms and guidelines, recognition of overseas
certificates and STCW-95.
Safe Ship Management:
››The SSM system.

››Safe Operational Plans.
Jobs at Maritime NZ
Currently there are no positions being advertised

Maritime New Zealand Annual Report 2007/08
››Maritime New Zealand’s 2007 Annual Report reviews the
     performance and operations for the previous financial year
    (1 July to 30 June).
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Maritime deaths in 2009
Made up of 1 death in the commercial sector and 10 in the recreational boating sector as at 30 April 2009.
There were 5 maritime deaths over the same period in 2008.
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