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Local Boards


Twenty to 30 Local Boards will be set up across the Auckland region as the second tier of governance.


Local boards will have more powers than the current community boards in Auckland, but will not be able to raise their own revenue or hire staff.

They will:

  • advocate for their local community and have input into the Auckland Council’s plans
  • develop local operational policies for local issues, for example dog control, liquor licensing and graffiti control
  • influence the Auckland Council by petitioning for extra services that their community wants. Services would be paid for through a targeted rate for the local area, a local rate rise or a change in priorities. The local boards will not have the power to set rates, so any rate rise would have to be agreed by the Auckland Council.

The Local Government Commission will decide on the numbers and boundaries for the local boards.

Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island will have their own local boards because they are geographically isolated and have their own distinctive needs.


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