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Watercare to be regional water provider

Media Release | 04/08/2009

The Minister of Local Government today confirmed that the transition to the new structure will result in one regional water company for the Auckland region.

The transition process will result in the new Auckland Council becoming the owner of Watercare Services Ltd, Watercare will assume statutory responsibility for the delivery of integrated water and wastewater services in urban areas, said the Minister of Local Government Hon Rodney Hide.

“This was recommended by the Royal Commission and the Government strongly concurred with this recommendation at the Cabinet meeting on Monday.

“The last remaining substantive decision regarding water and wastewater services provision is whether or not Watercare should also be given responsibility for dealing with regional storm water.  I expect a final decision from Cabinet on this matter before the end of the month.

“Watercare is a publicly-owned entity and our intention is that it will remain in public ownership under the umbrella of the new Auckland Council.

“A key driver for the Government’s decisions was to ensure there was better management of regional assets for the Auckland region over the next 50 years,” said Mr Hide.