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Lise Munroe, AKA bad girrrrl star Killpussy
16th February 2008 - 03:48 pm

Glamour girl: Lise Munroe is Killpussy
New Zealand-born Lise Munroe dazzles lesbian Londoners as with her sexy high-camp burlesque shows as 'Killpussy'. Now on a return visit this month, Auckland's SoHomo crowd will spend an entertaining evening with this 'pussy-loving superstar'.

We got to know this glam-a-rama burlesque artist a little better. How long have you been performing as Killpussy?

Killpussy was born nearly18 years ago on K' Road, Auckland, New Zealand. I began performing as Killpussy to my beloved queer community when I was 17, and have been seen in loads of the queer clubs all up and down our splendid country.

The name Killpussy comes from the film Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. I also like to think that once I'm in your pussy it's all over for you - because I've killed it for anyone else to even try to measure up!

Do you have fond memories of New Zealand?

OMG yes and keep popping out tears of pure joy. It's not until you leave that you realise how lucky we are here. Seeing all of you at the Big Gay Out is something that will remain in my heart until the day I die.

Sandwich: Killpussy (centre) at the Big Gay Out
You were spotted at the Big Gay Out! How was that day for you?

Wonderful as ever. I love the Big Gay Out so much I made sure I flew into town in time for it. I can see all my mates in one big hit and that why I love it so much. It's not so commercial and the fact it is free is for me personally so much better, it has a real community feel that is sadly lacking in London.

What kind of show should New Zealanders expect from you while you're here?

I have three very different shows. One kitch, camp (oh they're all camp really) pink and fluffy called 'Daddi's home.' That's the right spelling... A Daddiuse to be awomen that likes identifies as a dominant trans male. Yes girls you heard me.

The second show is twisted dark andcalled'sexy serial killer' and the third is a tribute to the queen and her killing ability... yes that's right and is called God Save the Queen.

Each show is very dark humour, funny, sexy and the stuff that turns you on (some times unnervingly so) and makes you laugh.

What do you think of the term 'lipstick lesbian' and does it apply to you?

It applies to me when girls with lipstick kiss me, and you're all welcome to!

That's a funny question but to be honest I left those terms a long time ago, I tried to simplify it to just lesbian or queer... or can I eat your pussy or not? I find we get to involved in these labels and they seem to exclude so many parts of our community.

Which female celebrities would you love to have join you on stage for a dominatrix show?

Hilary Clinton, because all politicians deserve a good beating. Hmmmmm… for me there's so many mini celeb girls here that it's doing my head in. So many hotties, so little time!

Killpussy will perform at SoHomo club night on Thursday 21 February, upstairs at 373 K' Road, Auckland. You can also catch her at the Women's Space during the HERO Party on Saturday 23 February. She then flies to Sydney to appear at their 30th anniversary Mardi Gras Festival.

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