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 on: Yesterday at 10:48 PM 
Started by irishkiwi - Last post by kinda_invisable
And the polls are still comfortably placed in favour of the National government and the Opposition is hoo....

golly this must be something of an extended honey moon....what joy what rapture.....even the Greens have come begging to come and play with National....quite cute really considering they decided prior to the election that would not work with a National government....

ah the fickle world of politics when you are on the losing side BigGrin

After 6 months or is it 7......the cracks are starting to form.....I hate to tell you this.....but you are on the losing have bought into the extra hikes in road user charges ....... and the rates hike.......happy? Smile

 on: Yesterday at 10:31 PM 
Started by Fluffs - Last post by halogen
Regardless of it's history, it was accepted as British Overseas Territory at the time Argentina invaded it.

Sure there was possibly unfairness in the past - but Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands - internationally recognised as British Territory, and started the Falkland War.

 on: Yesterday at 10:26 PM 
Started by Fluffs - Last post by kinda_invisable
One could argue that Argentina started a war with her...

Indeed if it were arguable.  When it was put under the Spanish flag in 1810 due to its proximity to its other possession - Argentina - it would naturally transfer to whomever was in control of Argentina.  The precedence for this is New Zealand.

 on: Yesterday at 10:12 PM 
Started by Fluffs - Last post by halogen
3. She started a war with Argentina.
One could argue that Argentina started a war with her...

 on: Yesterday at 10:06 PM 
Started by Fluffs - Last post by kinda_invisable
I stand corrected about Carrington I realised he was Conservative Foreign Secretary.  I was thinking of Callahan. But you still havent supported your argument by defining what she did.  You say she put in radical social reform......what exactly was it?  Apart from adding 3 new voting peers to the House of Lords.....a traditional structure......what else did she do?  Apart from during her time as Minister of Education removing milk from schools, dubbing her as thatcher thatcher milk snatcher.....tell me what else did she do that I havent covered?

1. She closed down coalmines

2. She closed down ship building yards

3. She started a war with Argentina.

 on: Yesterday at 10:04 PM 
Started by Dangermouse - Last post by Dangermouse
 Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley
Wow, profoundly moving, very beautiful, and could not have been more timely, 355, thank you.

I didn't say so because I was already nervous and I didn't want to rark myself up by saying it's tomorrow, but I went in this afternoon and spoke to someone at QS, and it went so well!   I cannot believe how much has happened in the space of a week.  I am not quite at the joining in groups stage.  I want to and I'm also juuust not quite there yet.  Definitely on the train though  Smiley.  Meanwhile I have a support person I can talk to on campus, and I'll be keeping an eye on what's going on at uni and seeing how I go.  I will keep you all posted  Smiley.  I've tracked down some books as well, Zami (which the uni library had) and some Kallmaker books for starters.  QS have some books and some great DVDs, including  Ma Vie en Rose, one of my favourites. 

I spent most of yesterday evening thinking about Edwin Morgan poems, particularly 'In Sobieski's Shield' and 'A Home in Space' (googling to see if I can find a link... ooh look. 'A Home in Space'  Can't find 'In Sobieski's Shield' online), about going into the unknown, so when I saw the Toni Morrison quote about trains to nowhere, somewhere...  perfect  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 09:36 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by phaag
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

 on: Yesterday at 09:23 PM 
Started by Jim - Last post by Mark Anthony
Tony Blair says Pope's views on homosexuals is wrong
Tony Blair has said the Pope and the Vatican need to modernise their views on homosexuality.

Golly must be the first time that I have actually agreed with anything that Misty Blur has ever said publicly Shocked

 on: Yesterday at 08:54 PM 
Started by Fluffs - Last post by Mark Anthony
What utter rubbish.....quite where you get that nonsense from is anyone's guess.....

Thatcher put into effect the most radical social revolution since 1945.....there is no question of that.............dealing with the unions was but a small part of the process...and it was the electorate that voted for her, that what happens in democracices....they warmed to her style of politics and no nonsense approach....

And what utter nonsense to suggest that Labour was run by Atlee hacks.....Neil Kinnock was the leader during most of the Thatcher years and he and his supporters...including the beloved Bryan Gould of NZ, to say nothing of Blair and Smith....were mere babes in swaddling clothes when Clement Atlee was PM.....Labour imploded and the Social Democratic Party was formed...taking with it four potential  Labour leaders and PMs......and a significant proportion of the middle class vote

Labour was unelectable because of it's neo-Marxist politics which were as much out of tune with the British working class as they were with the Soviet Union.  Blowing the tired old trade unionist trumpet just did not cut it any longer....

And I suggest you do a little homework, sometimes it helps,  Lord Carrington (Peter) was a Tory grandee....Foreign Secretary during the Falklands War.....and junior MP during the Neville Chamberlain adminsitration....

Of course you might have be thinking of Denis Healey, or Wegewood Benn or Peter Shore or even Manny Shinwell, if it is tired old socialists you were trying to think of.....

Transferring funds? I manage thanks very much, tax free.....and have encountered no problems at where is the problem? Or am I able to transfer funds with no problems because I am not a Kiwi?

 on: Yesterday at 08:39 PM 
Started by dunedin01 - Last post by halogen
I always smiled a little at the comparison between fuel burned and speeding. Yes, you do spend around 10%< more extra if you drive at 110km/h as opposed to 100km/h. The fuel burn would be the same. Yes, you burn 10% more fuel, but you get there 10% faster....

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